Blog 15 February 2023

Act for YOUR future

Ciao! I’m Elena, and for almost a year now, I haven’t been attending classes. Just over half a year ago, I overcame the significant hurdle of not having exams anymore, and now I’m solely focusing on my thesis and my future.

A Brief Introduction

My personal journey unfolds in the field of Biomedical Engineering: I didn’t choose a healthcare profession for purely character-related reasons, but given my personal history, I’ve always aspired to work in healthcare and, in general, to develop something that could be a concrete help to the most vulnerable people.

However, my idea of how to provide this concrete help has varied a lot over the years. I know people who have changed majors many times before finding their calling, and that’s how I learned to listen to myself to recognize any warning signs. It applies in all contexts: choosing high school, choosing a major and the place to study (which, in a university setting, can make a big difference), but in the university journey, it’s essential to recognize what we like in time to build a solid foundation for our future careers.

Keyword: Awareness

First and foremost, it’s always good to remember that there is no “predefined” path. Without knowing a certain discipline, you can only idealize it, trying to understand something from a vague description on the educational portal or some blog on the internet, perhaps written by someone who has been mastering that discipline for twenty years. It can be helpful to intercept and talk to someone currently on that path, but always remember that fully understanding what it’s about and especially whether it ignites a passion in us or is just a source of boredom is possible only by getting hands-on experience.

There’s Always Time to Make Mistakes

Don’t “get discouraged” if you take the wrong path; instead, take inspiration to change your course. During my undergraduate studies, for example, I realized that the life project I had in mind clashed with the subjects needed to create it. I wanted to look around for an alternative to my initial idea that would fulfill me more. For this reason, in the diverse undergraduate path, I decided to use the precious space of free credits to include not the classic “easy 30” exams but paths that would give me a taste of what’s visible in the master’s, now the true foundation and launching pad for the working world. And that gave me an extra gear to consciously choose my next future steps.

I applied the same reasoning in my master’s degree, thinking about the working world. I wanted to include diverse exams that could give me an edge for the future, such as a different programming language than usual or a more in-depth way of thinking in a certain area.

In my opinion, university is meant to make us versatile and to help us discover worlds we didn’t even know existed, uncovering the passion we will carry forward in the future. The important thing is to remember that only we can be judges of ourselves!

Sure, it’s not an easy choice, and at every step, there will always be something to learn. This mindset hasn’t always been easy to maintain, but ultimately, it has been a stimulus and help for the subsequent thesis step, as well as for being more comfortable with some topics presented in the working environment, albeit partially.

I hope these lines make the journey easier for you too, now that you’ve come this far. Good luck on your path! 🚀

Elena Ruzzante, Biomedical Engineering student 🧬💻