Blog 21 May 2024

Camera Doppia – The WeAreHERe podcast with Virginia Benzi

Camera Doppia is the new podcast with Virginia Benzi to dispel false myths about the world of Engineering. Three episodes of 15 minutes each in which different guests take turns to address three different topics: transition from school to university, the engineering profession, and gender equality in the engineering world.

From School to Engineering
Moving from high school to college can sometimes be scary. Changing habits, study methods, and sometimes cities. How does life change? How does one study? And how much? We talked about it with Sara, a high school science student, and Chiara Gastaldi, an associate professor at Politecnico di Torino.

What does an engineer do?

It is complex to fit the engineering profession into predefined patterns. There are so many different directions, and sometimes even those studying to become one do not know exactly what role or field they will go into.

Being an Engineer is more a way of thinking about things, a method that you develop during the course of your studies and that you can then apply in your everyday work.

We talked about this with Riccardo, an engineering student, and Chiara, an energy engineer who graduated from Turin Polytechnic.

Engineering. A job for women.

There are so many factors that help determine our choices, and one of them is the expectation of how accepted and at home we will feel in a certain place, and how much that place will be able to grow us by respecting and inspiring us.

Girls interested in science need concrete reference points, and one of the fundamental problems for young future female engineers, in fact, is the absence of concrete and attainable role models who can make imagined expectations concrete.

We talked about this with Serena, a computer engineering student, and Greta Temporin, a Ph.D. candidate in Management, Production AND Design who is an expert on gender issues.