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Giorgia, Cinematic and Media Engineering 🎥⁠

For Giorgia, science is a certainty. ⁠Something that cannot be arbitrary. ⁠

In the middle of the last year of classical high school, Giorgia decides to move to Turin to study at the Polytechnic. ⁠ For Giorgia, choosing Engineering was a leap into the unknown. She took the entrance exam twice, achieving the necessary score only the second time. ⁠

“The first year wasn’t easy. I had deepened my knowledge of mathematics and physics to pass the test, but especially in the first semester, I struggled with Analysis 1. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone. The professors were always very helpful. I went to consultations several times, attended tutoring courses, and managed to pass the subject in the first available session.” ⁠

Giorgia draws inspiration from Margherita Hack for her free and unconventional thinking. ⁠👩‍🔬✨


Cinematic and Media Engineering

Laura is studying Computer Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin. 🖥️👩‍🎓

Laura believes that the Politecnico is the right environment for the growth of curious young minds. As an out-of-town student, she decides to move to Turin during her last year of high school, drawn by the degree program. In the first weeks at the Politecnico, during the presentation of activities by CUS Torino, she discovers the rowing team. Joining the team, she is later selected to represent her university at the World University Rowing Championship in Shanghai, China, the following year. She returns from Shanghai with the gold medal. 🚣‍♀️🏅

An athlete and a student of Engineering, her female role model is Katherine Johnson, an American mathematician, computer scientist, and physicist who made fundamental contributions to U.S. aeronautics and space programs, starting from the early use of electronic computers by NASA. 👩‍💻🌌


Computer Engineering

Michela is a Mechanical Engineering student at the Polytechnic University of Turin. Learning to perceive our limits for what they truly are, and not based on our preconceived notions, is what can lead us on the path of science, which belongs to everyone. Michela has taught us that what might appear to be a “double limit” – coming from a classical background and being a woman – may simply not be a limitation.

Mechanical Engineering 🛠️👩‍🎓


Mechanical Engineering
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